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Three things have guided the Company since 1969:


Cal Crystal Lab., Inc. / Comclok, Inc. was founded on the simple belief that professionalism and personal integrity is the corner stone of great customer service.
Cal Crystal Lab., Inc. / Comclok, Inc. will openly and honestly discuss your needs. We will do our very best to exceed all expectations about service and quality at a competitive price.
Our employees are not numbers. They are treated with respect and as part of a team. Cal Crystal Lab., Inc. / Comclok, Inc. stresses communication between our employees at all levels. We maintain an open door policy. This policy sets the stage for an enthusiastic work environment that encourages excellence and pride in workmanship. Attention to detail is stressed at every point in the manufacturing process.

In purchasing from Cal Crystal Lab / Comclok you are assured of the finest products and guarantee in our industry:


All Cal Crystal Lab and Comclok products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace any crystal not meeting original specifications as long as it has not been damaged through misuse or mishandling.
To assure quality, our crystals are subjected to chemical and ultraviolet ozone cleaning and a high-temperature vacuum bake-out. Final assembly is accomplished by a hermetic sealing process. This is done in a controlled, pure dry nitrogen atmosphere using either the resistance weld or cold weld method, eliminating the use of solder and flux. These procedures ensure a minimum of aging.
As important as quality is, you must also have your crystals and oscillators when YOU need them. Our normal delivery is just three weeks, and when that isn't soon enough, we offer emergency service: one week, three days, or even 24-hour service.

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