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  Another fruitful year for Cal Crystal Lab / Comclok, Inc. Our line of imported crystals and oscillators continued to expand. We now offer the widest selection in our history. Even in the face of continued pricing pressure from offshore, we continue to manufacture through hole clock and oscillators here in Anaheim, CA. in order to meet our customers' needs for quick delivery of custom frequencies.

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  1998 brought deep sorrow to our hearts. Howard Phillips, partner and part owner of Comclok, Inc. passed away this spring. He will be greatly missed. The remainder of the year was spent upgrading our computer systems, network and software in order to get a jump on the Y2K issue. Although we do not manufacture or supply any date sensitive products, we are now operationally Y2K compliant as of Dec. 17, 1998. In the Fall, we also started offering 5Vdc & 3.3Vdc clock oscillators that we produce up to 160MHz. We also started manufacturing 3.3Vdc VCXO's.

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  Spring 1997 found us on our second annual Asian excursion. Comclok started the year off by offering two NEW types of oscillators: 3.3VDC and VCXOs. This was in direct response to our customer's inquiries. We also began offering frequencies as low as 1kHz and as high as 130MHz on domestically manufactured clocks. In addition to the NEW oscillators this year, we once again needed more production equipment. So, in the spring we acquiring another S & A Plater model 5400DS. The new 5400DS was the key to manufacturing VCXO's quickly. More proof that we were on the right track, in August we added another 960 sq. feet to our facility.

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  1996 saw Cal Crystal Lab/Comclok fine-tune manufacturing in our new facility. Of particular note, Spring 1996, was the first time we went to the Far East to visit and inspect the off shore manufacturers that we use. The visit helped us develop friendships and great working relationships with these "offshore" manufacturers. In addition, 1996 saw the need to purchase a second Polaris welder in order to better server our customers that buy crystals and clocks that we manufacture domestically. We also started offering HC-49/u gullwinged with a third lead in tape and reel.

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Was proof that we were on the right track, we needed more space. In order to keep up with market demands Cal Crystal Lab and Comclok moved. Our new location is twice as large. So, although we are more committed than ever to the manufacturing of crystals and oscillators in our Anaheim, California factory. We now had the space necessary to stock finished parts from our offshore vendors. This stocking now allows us to offer the lowest possible prices and the ability to ship in-stock items within 24 hours. We can now better serve our customers with Cal Crystal Lab / Comclok's unique ability to manufacture prototype through production quantity with standard lead times of just THREE WEEKS.

Or, when PRICE is more important than LEAD-TIME, we can import custom or standard crystals and oscillators from our offshore vendors at LOW COMPETITIVE PRICES. More proof that outstanding service is our goal, we greatly enhanced our ability to test crystals over temperature. This was achieved by upgrading our S & A 2150 test chamber to the more advanced 2250 system. This allows us to test crystals up to 200Mhz over temperature.


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  Was a period of unprecedented modernization at our factory. Both Cal Crystal Lab and Comclok acquired new high-speed computerized production equipment. To complement the production equipment we also modernized with the latest computerized test equipment from PRA, Inc. and Saunders & Associates. The new equipment, both production and test systems have had a dramatic effect on our ability deliver a quality product with very short lead times. All parts manufactured in Anaheim, Ca. are 100% tested prior to shipment. 1994 also saw Comclok offer its customers Tri-State clocks in both 8 and 14 pin dip compatible for the first time.

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  1992 saw another exciting service offered by both Cal Crystal Lab and Comclok: IMPORTING. Importing allowed Cal Crystal Lab and Comclok to offer very competitive pricing on large volumes while still offering the one-on-one service our customers have come to expect and deserve! Importing also allowed us to offer crystals and oscillators in smaller package sizes than we are able to manufacture in our Anaheim facility. These smaller package sizes and lower prices have kept us very competitive. 1992 also saw us offer Gullwinged full and half size oscillators for the first time. Gullwinging of the 8 and 14-pin dip oscillator is a very inexpensive way to get surface mount parts without the usual availability and lead time issues that seem to be associated with other forms of surface mount.

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  1991 was the year that saw Comclok make a vast improvement in Quality Control and Reliability of our oscillators. Comclok purchased the first of what would be many PRA-1010A computerized clock testers. Use of the PRA-1010A's & 1010B's have been invaluable in giving us the ability to test and record the test results of the oscillators that we manufacture.

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  Cal Crystal Lab, in direct response to our customers inquiries about crystal and oscillator performance over temperature, purchased Saunders & Associates 2150/2490 Temperature Test Systems. This test system allowed us to guarantee to our customers the temperature specifications of the crystals and oscillators that we sell. Along with that guarantee, the temperature system allowed us to offer tighter tolerance parts for our customers.

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Comclok, Inc. was founded. As an oscillator manufacturer, Comclok, Inc. is able to focus on the special needs of our clock customers. In the beginning, Comclok manufactured 14-pin dip compatible TTL clock oscillators for the growing needs of our customer base. This same dedication to serving our customers' needs has led Comclok over the years to offer 8 pin dip compatible oscillators, SMD, VCXO, HCMOS and dual compatible clocks.

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The current management took the reigns. This new management has encouraged communication between our employees at all levels, and we maintain an open door policy. This open communication has set the stage for an enthusiastic work environment that encourages and rewards excellence. Attention to detail is stressed at every point, from initial customer contact all the way through the entire manufacturing process.

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Cal Crystal Lab., Inc. was founded on the simple belief that no customer was too small. As a result whether you are a buyer for a multimillion-dollar company or an individual that needs just one crystal for your radio, we will do our best to exceed all of your expectations about service and quality at a competitive price.



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